UHF Cheat Sheet Download

Download our free UHF Channel Cheat Sheet.

Here’s a short UHF channel test for you… Did you know that there are blocks of UHF channels designed for use with a repeating station? No? How about the channel numbers with accepted uses for general chat, 4wd to 4wd communications, caravan convoys or road safety? More importantly, would you be able to find the emergency frequency on your UHF and confidently use it to call for help at a moments notice? Well… if you have answered NO to any of these questions then our simple to use reference guide is for you!
Our free downloadable visual reference contains all 80 UHF channels in a colour coded table with their common application in addition to their simplex our duplex designation.

Whether you use it once or every time you travel, this is a one page reference that we believe no road traveler should be without.


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